What People Say

The experience was magical and liberating ….. Tam made me feel totally safe and relaxed
… I emerged transformed, with some amazingly effective tools for the future. UK

I liked the workshop because I know who I am today…I know how to help other womens out there. SA

It felt warm and safe and empathic, without pressure, judgement or expectations. UK

I would like others like me to experience what I have experienced and to see how powerful it is… Please come back for more of this workshop. SA

.. Tremendously inspiring, friendly, happy, life-enhancing, creative, educational. …I gained a huge sense of increased well-being, joy, hope and happiness at just the completely right time in my journey of “emerging from broken”   UK

Made me feel better about my life SA

The course can nurture and nourish and even change the way (participants) see themselves. SA

Since having suffered a breakdown four years ago it is perhaps the most constructive and focused recovery tool I have come across…..this workshop has reminded me of the enormous, profound effect of creativity and self-expression. UK

I enjoyed the fact that Tam made this whole workshop relatable. She gave us room to express ourselves  SA

I loved … the collages and artwork.  Often I find I express myself more intuitively in this way than in the written word. UK

I just want to say thank you for this workshop – now I am brave as a woman. SA

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Analysing the sub-personalities was very unusual and very revealing; really opened my eyes. UK

I learned that it’s important to share stories … because you receive support you would have never expected to get…it was refreshing being in a room filled with love and positivity.  SA

Storytelling was a very powerful tool.  To have people actually interested in listening to my experiences was cathartic.  To listen to others’ life story was a humbling experience. UK

I loved the part where we all had to share our stories … it actually remindered me the power we all have as individual’s which makes us so strong … all over the world. SA

 (I have learned) to be compassionate to myself as well as others. To understand how important compassion is to the world and how adversity can lead to a higher state of purpose and transcendence. UK

The reflection on the self was one of the most powerful things I have ever done. SA

(I have learned) the power of empathy, acceptance and love (human spirit) to transform circumstances, feelings and attitudes. That I can start over, re-evaluate and re-appreciate … life.  UK

This workshop applies and will work for me throughout my life and in every part of my life.  SA

On a personal level this is life-transforming and equally, I believe, could also transform communities. Encouraging people to live lives they love and giving them the tools to do it.  UK

We have to be one, unite, it does not matter what your values are, your customs/culture but at the end of the day, the most important thing is to respect and value one another.  SA

This was wonderful and such a needed blessing in my current circumstances.  UK

Beautiful delivery, Tam has a gentle way of delivery with a wonderful insight and understanding of the group dynamics.  UK