The AT Model

The AccepTTranscend Model for Transformation encompasses six stages based on common criteria demonstrated by people from diverse backgrounds and cultures who have transcended adversity to enrich their lives with meaning and purpose, and make a positive difference in the world. The sequence can be followed again and again, like a spiral, taking the participant more deeply inward, to self-awareness, and farther outward, in expanding connection at different levels of community, each new sequence further illuminating their most authentic self and grounding and purpose in the world.

Inspired by the remarkable peace culture of Hiroshima, the model can also be applied to the development of more compassionate, peaceful and proactive communities.

Tam offers the AT Model via workshops, courses and face-to-face/online “Beyond Coaching”.

Workshops and courses 

The six steps that comprise the AccepTTranscend Model are:

Acceptance “Here I am. These are the events that have brought me here. How can I move forward in the most proactive way?”

Community – Finding our place at a variety of levels, including the inner community of sub-personalities, family, place of work or education, recovery or campaign communities, local and global communities

Compassion – As a form of radical action, for self, others, the earth and all living things – and as a tool for a more peaceful and integrated world

Expression – Telling our story and being heard. “Rewriting” our personal stories with self as hero. The power of creative expression

Purpose – How can the strengths and skills we’ve honed through our challenges enrich our lives with purpose and meaning that will also positively impact our ailing world?

Transcendence – Our connection to “something greater”; community, solitude, nature, religion/spirituality, creativity, peace, the Arts…honouring our own authentic spirit and that of our world.