What is to give light must endure burning – Viktor Frankl

AccepTTranscend is an expression of the life’s work (so far) of Tam Martin Fowles, a therapist, trainer, group facilitator, writer, activist and designer of
The AccepTTranscend Model for Transformation

Tam’s personal experience includes severe social and mental health crisis in earlier adulthood. The gradual recovery and transcendence of these inspired her subsequent 25+ years as a transpersonal therapist, trainer and group facilitator, project manager, educator, social-entrepreneur and  activist. 

Recognising early on that certain people transcend even extreme adversity to positively tranform their lives and world, Tam was inspired to research the common criteria displayed by such people and explore the possibility that such transcendence is possible for all. 

Tam worked with people from a diverse range of backgrounds, from local individuals with emotional, mental and social health issues to survivors of the atomic bombing of Hiroshima, former freedom-fighters in South Africa, and refugees and genocide survivors from many countries.  She discovered a resilience of spirit common to human beings everywhere, but not always immediately accessible. In some it emerges and grows alongside adversity. For others, it needs to be encouraged and nurtured.

Such encouragement and nurturing are primary aims of the AccepTTranscend Model.

AccepTTranscend is the distillation of Tam’s years of experience and study into a dynamic process for personal and community transformation that has proved effective and sustainable at many levels. She has been successfully guiding others through this process since 2012.

Here are some comments from course and workshop participants

By learning to recognise the threads of gold that weave through our challenges, bringing us gifts we often overlook, we can redefine ourselves and our lives to emerge, transformed, into a world of joy and endless possibility.
-Tam Martin Fowles

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